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My Broken Experience with

My on-going “broken experience” with dates back to October 2012. As many of you may have been familiar, Brooklyn landed themselves a basketball team called the New Jersey Nets. Having grown up in Connecticut, I never had a local NBA team

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Shorthand   A shorthand for designing UI flows Ryan wrote this on Sep 17 2009 / 30 comments Flows are just as important to good interfaces as individual screens are. Customers don’t land on screens from out of nowhere. Specific sequences of actions lead

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How to make your contact forms mobile friendly

Good read on webdesignersdepot

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Tips for effective meetings

Via: Inc. Learn this equation. No leader + no documentation + no follow up = waste of time. Every meeting has to have a leader, a stated purpose, a start and end time, and a valid reason for each and

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Redesigning Google

Cool article on the Verge:

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User testing…

I was able to sit-in on my first usability test about a week ago. It was for the redesign of Discover Cards home page. The testing took place in Chicago, so I had to call in and watch on my

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