User testing…

I was able to sit-in on my first usability test about a week ago. It was for the redesign of Discover Cards home page.

The testing took place in Chicago, so I had to call in and watch on my screen here in NYC. We shared screens with the user in order to view their actions and behaviors.  There were about 4 testers on the first day, but I was only able to catch 2. Each were given different styles of the Discover Card home page, and each were asked questions by the moderator:

– “If you had to refute a charge, where would you look?”

– “Is the information provided to you helpful?”

– “What would you rather see in this section?”

These were the types of questions asked.

It’s interesting how different people think, and how experiences affect their behavior. It definitely is a good way to burst the bubble that builds around you when working on a project for so long. I also noticed that everyone loves to play “designer”. Each tester had their own feedback of what they would change and as they grew more and more comfortable in the session, would become more specific with changes they would like to see.

As each tester left, we ended with an internal conversation on making specific changes based on the user feedback, and it was back to the drawing board in order to get wireframes updated for Day 2 of testing.

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