Quality Control


To determine the priority and quality of content, we asked:

  • Is it precise?
  • Is it readable?
  • Is it relevant?
  • Are calls to action clear?
  • Does it help users complete tasks?
  • Does it support the overall business strategy?

Design to support content

In order to manifest our content-centered approach, we chose a subtle design language. The redesigned website would need to support three, key user tasks (those that emerged from user research):

  • Logging in to the online bank
  • Contacting the bank
  • Learning more about the bank’s products

Guidelines and governance

Finally, we created a tailor-made content manual that would help SSF maintain the website after launch and guide them in their future content efforts. We gathered everything we had learned along the way about SSF’s content as well as how it was managed.

The manual reiterated:

  • How to write for the web (readability, keywords, links, grammar)
  • SSF’s tone of voice (target audiences, personality traits and character)
  • Content governance (maintenance, routines, processes and roles)
  • Content analytics and statistics (Metadata, findability, SEO, Google Analytics)
  • Related channels (social platforms, e-mails and blogs)
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