UX Unicorns and Other Fanciful Creatures

Source: UX Booth

  • As designers, we can’t design “an experience.” It is an emotional, interior state of being. The best we can do is design for an experience.
  • UX Designer Dan Willis describes User Experience as an umbrella under which sit six primary disciplines: User Research, Content Strategy, Information Architecture, Interaction Design, Visual Design, and Usability Analysis.
  • Find out about the users (user research)
  • make sure your content is relevant to them (Content Strategy)
  • make sure they can find it easily (Information Architecture)
  • move around in your application easily (Interaction Design)
  • make sure your application is aesthetically pleasing (Visual Design)
  • make sure that it all hasn’t been foiled by something you’ve overlooked – or couldn’t anticipate at any other stage (Usability)
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