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UI Design Basics

Source: UX Booth User Interface Design, Getting the Basics Right. Visual chunking: it allows users to associate a kind of task with a particular area of their screen. The four, basic groups are: Edit, Navigate, Share, and Display. Productivity applications,

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UX Unicorns and Other Fanciful Creatures

Source: UX Booth As designers, we can’t design “an experience.” It is an emotional, interior state of being. The best we can do is design for an experience. UX Designer Dan Willis describes User Experience as an umbrella under which

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Designing for Mobile, Part 1: Info. Architecture

Source: UX Booth

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Journey to the Heart of UX Design: Debunking Myths

Source: UX Booth Many of the world’s most successful car companies share something in common: they don’t just settle for making great cars; they offer something more. BMW, Mercedes, and Volkswagen sell an experience – a vision of driving. As an owner,

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